• Diamond Wire Saw For Cutting Various Shapes Max.120mm T
  • Diamond Wire Saw For Cutting Various Shapes Max.120mm T

Diamond Wire Saw For Cutting Various Shapes Max.120mm T

Brand Shenyang Kejing

Product origin Shenyang, China

Delivery time 10 working days

Supply capacity 50 sets

STX-100QX Diamond Curve Cutting Machine is the first equipment in our company that uses diamond wire to cut non-metallic materials of irregular shapes. The equipment can set the cutting shape through computer drawing, and then the diamond wire travels according to the path set by the drawing, thereby cutting out various shapes. The equipment effectively solves the problem of special-shaped cutting of some difficult-to-process materials for tensile tests, such as ceramics, crystals, glass, metals, composite materials, rocks, thermoelectric materials, infrared optical materials, composite materials and biomedical materials.

Diamond Wire Saw For Cutting Various Shapes Max.120mm T

Main Features

The equipment inputs the shape of the material to be cut through drawings. It not only can cut round and I-shaped materials, but also can cut any 2D graphics such as plane, ellipse, fan, various symmetrical and asymmetrical 2D graphics etc. It can cut slice materials as well as thicker materials.

Technical Parameters

Product Name

STX-100QX Diamond Curve Cutting Machine

Product Model


Major Parameters


1. power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz, power: 600W

2. X-axis slide distance: 200mm, Y-axis slide distance: 280mm

3. maximum cutting thickness: 120mm

4. slide positioning accuracy: 0.01mm

5. wire moving speed: 0-15m/s

6. X/Y axis movement speed: 0.06-6mm/min

7. workbench size: 220×450mm

8. maximum cutting size of samples: 200×280×120mm

9. cutting wire tensioning mode: pneumatic tensioning

Product Dimension

Dimension: 1240mm(L) × 1120mm(W) × 1420mm(H)

Functions and Applications

1. Ceramic materials: aluminum oxide ceramics, zinc oxide ceramics, zirconium oxide ceramics, target ceramics, honeycomb ceramics, semiconductor ceramics, conductive ceramics, non-conductive ceramics, etc.

2. Crystal material: graphite, silicon crystal (solar polysilicon, single crystal silicon), sapphire, aluminum oxide crystal, infrared glass crystal, aluminum oxide crystal, silicon carbide crystal, cesium iodide crystal, etc.

3. Glass materials: chalcogenide glass, optical glass, quartz glass, infrared glass, glass tube, etc.

4. Metal materials: iron, aluminum, copper, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy and other metals and alloys, non-ferrous metals (zinc sulfide, ferrite), etc.

5. Composite materials: PVC board, carbon fiber composite material, glass fiber composite material, etc.

6. Rock material: precision cutting of natural rock, jade, meteorite, jadeite/emerald, agate, etc.;

      Precise slices of various high-value materials; 

   geological slices, geological slices (sedimentary rocks, magmatic rocks, metamorphic rocks, ore) and other square slices.

7. Thermoelectric materials: bismuth telluride, lead telluride, silicon germanium alloy, etc.

8. Infrared optical materials: zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, silicon, germanium and other crystals

9. Biomedical materials: Bioplasticized specimen slices (human and animal organs, combined sections of soft and hard jaw tissues, implant observation, dental crowns and bridges, teeth and other histological specimens);

    Orthopedic soft and hard tissue joint sections (femoral, hip, vertebral body and other fresh tissue and hard tissue, bone histological samples with implants, etc.);

    Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular stent slices, calculi slices and other medical tissue slices;


Note: Precision cutting can be performed for materials with hardness less than diamond wire.

Optional Accessories



functional type



STX-2500 Electric Electric Wire Installer


cutting machine 


3D Fixture for STX-100QX


Wire Cutting


· One year limited with lifetime support (not including rusted parts due to inadequate storage conditions)


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