• Automatic Desktop Grinder With 5

    Automatic Desktop Grinder With 5" Agate Mortar

    SFM-8 Agate Mortar Grinder is mainly composed of three parts: a grinding rod, an agate mortar and a scraper. During working, the agate mortar rotates clockwise, and the grinding rod grinds solid particles into smaller and thinner ones in the mortar. And at the same time, the stationary scraper scrapes the particles on the edge of the mortar, so that the solid particles return to the mortar to continue grinding.

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  • Bench-top V-Shape Ball Mill

    Bench-top V-Shape Ball Mill

    SFM-11 laboratory compact V-shaped mixer is suitable for mixing different materials in fields of pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metallurgy, ceramics, electronics, and batteries, etc. and is capable of mixing two or more dry powder and/or granular materials. SFM-11 laboratory compact V-shaped mixer adopts a unique mixing cylinder/barrel/container structure. SFM-11 laboratory compact V-shaped mixer is small in size and low in noise during operation.

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  • Mini Vacuum Mixer

    Mini Vacuum Mixer

    SFM-4 Compact Vacuum Mixer is suitable for liquids or slurries that are easily oxidized in the air. The mixed materials are put into a beaker and then placed under the stirring paddle in the vacuum tank, and the vacuum tank is evacuated. After the air in the vacuum tank is completely evacuated, the equipment can be started to stir and mix the materials in the vacuum, which can be kept in a state of high vacuum degree for a long time.

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  • High Throughput V-Shape Ball Mill

    High Throughput V-Shape Ball Mill

    SFM-MGI-32V High-Throughput V-Shaped Mixer has a unique mixing cylinder//barrel/container structure, with 32 V-shaped mixing cylinders//barrels/containers, and it can mix multiple materials or large amount of materials at one single time with uniform mixing and high efficiency.

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