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In order to better serve customers, Shenyang Kejing has set up an open professional laboratory, equipped with excellent professional and technical personnel. Here, not only can a personal product experience be provided, but also professional operation guidance can be obtained. Since Shenyang Kejing's establishment, it has prepared thousands of samples and received over 100 customer visits, including many from foreign friends. Here, all the staff sincerely welcome you and hope that you can present valuable opinions and suggestions.

Preparation scheme of complete equipment for metallographic research

Metallographic precision cutting machine, diamond wire cutting machine, automatic mounting machine, automatic precision grinding and polishing machine, ultrasonic cleaner, hardness tester, microscope, vacuum sample storage, as well as consumables, such as saw blade, mounting powder, sandpaper, polishing pad, polishing agent, etc.

Complete equipment scheme for brittle material research

Manual fast cutting machine, CNC dicing saw, heater, diamond wire saw, automatic pressure grinding and polishing machine, precise grinding and polishing controller, automatic slurry feeder, etc.

Complete equipment scheme for film coating

Cast coating, dip coating, spin coating, magnetron sputtering, evaporation coating, electrospinning, spray pyrolysis, ultrasonic atomization, PECVD, ultrasonic cleaning, plasma cleaning, UV ozone cleaning, etc

lab(旧)组合.pnglab of the old workshop

lab of the new workshop

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