The Manual Diamond Blade Saw Sets a New Standard for Roughing


In the realm of precision manufacturing and material research, the performance of roughing equipment significantly impacts product quality and experimental efficiency. Our company's development of the Manual Diamond Blade Saw effectively addresses this issue.


The Manual Diamond Blade Saw is versatile for roughing a variety of materials, including crystals, ceramics, glass, rocks, printed circuit boards (PCBs), composites, polymers, and metals. The Manual Diamond Blade Saw is derived from interchangeable saw blades, such as sintered diamond blades, electroplated diamond blades, and resin blades. During the cutting process, operators can manually feed the samples, flexibly controlling the cutting speed and pressure, ensuring precision and efficiency.


A key feature of the Manual Diamond Blade Saw is its stepless speed regulation, with a rotational speed range from 100rpm to 2000rpm, catering to the cutting needs of different materials and hardness levels. Additionally, the saw is equipped with an overheat protection device, ensuring safety and stability during prolonged operation.


The Manual Diamond Blade Saw is designed with simplicity and compactness, enabling flexible use in environments with restricted space. The Manual Diamond Blade Saw features a casing made from high-grade resin through a one-time molding process, making it an ideal choice for preliminary sample processing in laboratories.


The introduction of the Manual Diamond Blade Saw not only brings a new tool to the precision machining field but also signifies a significant step forward in roughing technology towards higher efficiency and precision.

Manual Diamond Blade SawManual Diamond Blade Saw

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