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MSM20-7 (non consumable) mini metal melting furnace

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Product Name: MSM20-7 (non consumable) mini metal melting furnace
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MSM20-7 (non consumable) mini metal melting furnace is a small arc melting furnace, can not damage a gas atmosphere under the condition of turning multiple melting alloy ingot. MSM20-7 (non consumable) mini metal melting furnace can prepare a plurality of samples (less than 7), is the ideal equipment for colleges and universities, preparation of metal and alloy samples for research institutes.

MSM20-7 (non consumable) mini metal melting furnace Introduction





The equipment is required to be used under the elevation of 1000m, the temperature is 25 + 15, and the humidity is 55%Rh + 10%Rh

1, water: the equipment is equipped with self circulation cooling water machine (filling pure water or deionized water)

2, power: AC380V 50Hz (63A air switch) must have good grounding

3, gas: equipment room cavity need filling argon (purity 99.99% above), need to bring argon gas bottle (own 6mm, double card sleeve joint)

4, worktable: size 1500mm * 600mm * 700mm, bearing more than 200kg

5 ventilation device: need



1, with the door of the door 120mm, easy to take and put samples

2, with front and rear observation window, easy to observe the arc melting state

3, vacuum chamber, copper crucible and arc electrode are all cooled by water cooling

4, moving up and down, using the steering wheel design, joystick operation, flexible rotation

5, in order to guarantee that the alloy ingot can be smelted several times without destroying the atmosphere of gas protection, the manipulator turnover mechanism is adopted in the melting furnace

6, the size of the crucible is small and the quantity is large, so it is convenient to make many samples, and also to avoid the mutual pollution between samples

7, the operation is simple, safe and convenient, compact design, small footprint






1, power: AC380V 50Hz (optional)

2, the whole power: 7.5KW (optional)

3, vacuum cavity: 200mm * 350mm

4, Crucible: 7, O 25mm (can be customized according to customer requirements special size)


              Standard 7 crucibles        Non standard size custom crucible

5, vacuum: with the division of molecular pump can be 1E-5mbar, rotary vane pump up to 1E-3mbar (can also be configured to spread the pump in order to obtain a better vacuum)

6. Non consumable arc starting electrode: tungsten needle (W)

7, applicable range: can be used for smelting melting point lower than tungsten metal materials

8, melting temperature: up to 4000 degrees C, almost all metal melt


4.5g tungsten metal melting   10g metal tungsten melt


Dimension:470mm×315mm×880mm(excluding power);Weight:50kg



1. High vacuum system GZK-103D

2, vacuum unit GZK-101

3, EQ-PCG-554 anticorrosive digital vacuum display meter (measuring range 3.8 * 10-5torr to 1125 Torr)

4, KJ-5000 chiller

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